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Zachary Vogel has lived locally in the Greater Pomona Valley area for most of his life. He attended Cal Poly Pomona where he earned a Bachelor of Economic Science Degree. A licensed real estate professional for 10 years, Zachary’s portfolio includes investment sales and purchases, contingent sales and purchases, short sales and short sale purchases and leases among standard transactions. Zachary lives in Chino Hills with his partner, May Evangelista, and their two children.

In recent years, Zachary worked as part of a small but extremely busy team that acquired hundreds of properties for two of the nation’s largest investors. During this time, he perfected the art of getting his client’s offer accepted in tough and extraordinarily competitive market conditions. He also learned valuable and proven techniques that have allowed him to sell clients’ homes with as little as one viewing.

Zachary believes that an agent’s fiduciary obligation to his clients is the cornerstone on which all good real estate transactions are built. The fiduciary duty that real estate agents owe their clients means that they have to put the client’s best interests ahead of their own. Fiduciary duty is the highest obligation of good faith and trust that Zachary firmly believes he owes to his clients and takes very seriously.

Zachary’s goal is to get his clients exactly what they need out of every transaction, regardless of time spent, while providing quality professional service with the highest level of integrity. He represents his clients by keeping their interests above everything throughout the entire transaction. He communicates quickly and uses his unique combination of incite, skills, and experience to write the strongest offer possible for them.

As a real estate professional, Zachary is experienced working with a wide variety of cultures and socioeconomic groups. He offers free consultations for potential clients to assess their real estate options, providing valuable information free of charge. He is also happy to provide consultation to those not yet ready to buy or sell to help them determine how to ready themselves for a future purchase, sale, or investment.

When he is not working with clients, showing property or negotiating contracts, Zachary enjoys all things “moto”. He has a deep love of all motorsports and enjoys riding dirt bikes, driving cars and trucks, and improving his skills at driving and riding. He likes to learn about “gear head” related technologies and tuning. In addition to real estate and motorsports, he enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, meeting new people, and enjoying time with his family.


May Evangelista is an active member of the Diamond Bar and Chino Hills communities. She has lent her research, communication, and marketing skills to real estate over the past few years as a real estate assistant to her partner and now fellow real estate professional, Zachary Vogel.

As a student of architecture, May has always loved exploring structures and particularly holds a great appreciation for the individuality and character of residential homes. She is a relentless information-seeker with a love for solving problems. She is determined, assertive, and thorough, making her clients’ goals her own, thriving on challenges, and always aiming to win. 

In her free time, May enjoys the many offerings of her local communities, including Polynesian dancing, hiking trails, parks, shops, restaurants, and community events.

May Evangelista grew up in the San Gabriel Valley area. She has been a part of the Diamond Bar community since 1987, recently moving to Chino Hills in 2013 where she is raising her family. She has a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Cal State Fullerton.  As a parent and a career-driven individual, she believes that everyone’s time is equally valuable and is more than happy to work with her clients when they are available. Feel free to call or text her anytime at 909-706-5932 or email her at myagentmay@gmail.com.


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