You’ve saved some down payment money. Now, what? Are you ready to buy? If you’ve done this before, you know the steps you need to take:

  1. Pre-approval – Save time and heart break by knowing how much you really can buy before you start looking. It may be more or less than you think.
  2. Consultation – Consult with an agent about your purchase requirements before you begin your search. You’ll want make a list of NEEDS and a list of WANTS/PREFERENCES. This will help your agent provide you with the most options that meet your needs.
  3. Search – After consultation, you agent will show you properties that meet your needs. Enthusiastic buyers often look to see what other properties they might find online. Rest assured, your Realtor has your interest in mind and likely saw those already. If you have questions about other properties you see online, don’t lead on other agents. Ask YOUR AGENT about those properties. Your agent is committed to you and expects your reciprocation.
  4. Offer – Once you have identified the property you want, let your agent know ASAP. Your agent will also find out if other offers are already on the table. If so, you will need to get your offer in ASAP. If you weren’t pre-approved, you’d be kicking yourself now.
  5. Escrow – When your offer is accepted and you are in escrow, you are not home-free yet. The race begins to get inspections, approvals, and any additional negotiations (if any) done.
  6. Close – Take a breath. Review all your escrow documents and ask any questions. Our goal is clarify everything along the way but understand you might still have questions after. Relax.

We understand that buying a property is a huge commitment and often an emotional process. As your agents, we promise to be there for you through every step.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE buyer consultation. Let us help you make your home purchase as enjoyable as possible.



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