Real Estate Chat

Let’s start with why you need a Realtor.

Buyers, your agent knows the market, charges you nothing, fights for your interests on your behalf, and has a fiduciary obligation to stand 100% on your side.

Sellers, sure, you can do it all yourself and “save the commission.” Call us for a list of the forms you can get yourself to do it all yourself. Know that more than likely, your buyer will have an agent on his or her side… Very simply put, having a good agent on YOUR side is worth more in time and money than the commission you think you are saving. Call us for a free home value analysis and consultation on what we can do for you.

Realtors are held to a higher standard than real estate agents. (We are Realtors.) Realtors must abide by the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics in addition to our fiduciary obligations which we take very seriously.

Wondering how the market is going?  If you feel like browsing market statistics you can play around with the California Association of Realtors Home Price Fundamentals Interactive. Or you can contact us for a market analysis of sales in your area. That’s what you’re really interested in, right? There is so much to real estate and we study it daily. Call or email us with any questions you or have. We’d love to help.

Dealing with Financing.

Buyers, first things first… you can’t buy a house without funds. Read this to start.

5 Tips for Buying a Home.

You’ve figured out how much home you can buy. What next? Read here for some tips.

Preparing to Sell.

Ready to upgrade, downsize, or just move on? Here are some things to consider.